Wednesday, March 24, 2010

El Bastardo is coming along

Pulled this headlight from the "DeathKart", a 70's TeeBird golf cart that never really came to fruition. Probably for the best interest of me and my friends safety. It most likely won't be bright enough but that's the thrill of it.

Skateboard wheel for a chain tensioner. I've wanted to do this for the last two years. Anything goes on this bike. El Bastardo is it's new name. So, while looking for a skate wheel I noticed someone had helped themselves to my skate. It's missing and now the weathers nice to go ride some vacant parking lots. Thanks to whomever was dick enough to take my board. I hope you bust your ass on it now.

Factory 70s yamaha paint can take a bullet. The nasty rattle can green burned off in 5 minutes with the paint stripper. The blue yammy paint underneath took another 2 treatments at about an hour a piece. After an hour of sanding I have a fresh steel tank. It's snowing today. Hopefully the humidity doesn't make it flash rust before I get some clear on it.

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