Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The engine is hanging in there on it's own now. I'm going to put some small tube through the bolt holes on the frame for the front hanger, just like the original CB400 mounts. It took some precision drill work (yeah right) but it all lined up nicely. I was going to start on the rest of the frame and saw that it was after 3am in the wee morning, so I mocked it all up and couldn't resist a few snaps. More work to do.


  1. I hope to see this one in person. Nice lines on the tank. Hope the fuel hose will be long enough to lift the tank to get at the plugs! On the other hand, you probably won't have to access them as often as I did my Metralla's . . .

  2. It's hard to see from the blurry pics but the plugs are on the sides. Hiding the coils and flasher relay, well, that might be a project all by itself. The tank is the stock DT (dents and all) not on the rubber bushings yet. So it should sit high enough not to rattle on the valve cover. If you are ever in New Mexico send me a message and we'll go ride the twisties up in the mountains. Thanks for the interest.

  3. Doh, now I see the plugs. Never mind! Do you have to hide the coils? Seems dishonest in a way . . .

    I'm a US citizen working in Montreal, I get to the West Coast occasionally, maybe we can meet in the Rockies.