Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I wanted to keep most of the original cradle but, the engine wont sit low enough and be removable for maintainence. Also needed to line up the output sproket to clear the swingarm. Been working my day job hard, so progress has been slower than I prefer. I killed a bunch of time trying to mount my tubing bender to my garage floor. The 10 dollar diamond tip concrete bit was toast after about an inch and a half of work. Did it slow and tried to keep it cool, but it didnt live up to its name. Ive got a few railroad ties buried in the back yard that should stay put. Ill just have to mount the bender and use it outside till I build a heavy-ass workbench that mounts to the wall. I drew up 10,000 sketches for the lower cradle. Madness. I have dreams about engine mounts and triangulation. Speaking of triangles, I found some useful stuff. TonyFoaleDesigns.


  1. I set concrete anchors and triangulate stuff for a living -- I'm a rigging project manager for Cirque Du Soleil and guy cables in arenas are one of my responsibilities. You can rent a rotohammer that will drill your floor. If you hit resistance, stop because you've probably found a re-bar and will have to re-locate. If you haven't center-punched the bar, you might be able to slant-drill around it, then straighten up as you pass it. Use female epoxy--anchor inserts and plug them with set screws when the bender is not in use. I recommend Hilti anchor products but for this job it's not critical. Tony Foale is right about stress risers -- you might also enjoy _Structures: Why Things Don't Fall Down_, can't remember the author.

  2. Thnks for the info. Its very much appreciated! Yeah now it makes since that I hit some re-bar on my second hole because the hole started walking sideways. I found a nice flat railroad tie in the back yard that isnt going anywhere without digging it up. But I will put the bender on a pedestal anchored in the concrete soon. So, thanks again.