Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Wiring

All back together and in the frame with new rings, cyls honed, valves, lapped, a few hardware runs (no matter how much they say "its all there" with a basket case it never is), checked, re-checked, torqued, re-torqued, gapped, cleaned, lubed, wired, gassed, and ready to go... except there's no voltage at the coils. Boo. The manual says not to run without a battery. It will kill the rectifier they say. So I figured Id put a capacitor in place of the batt. Ive done this on a couple of bikes and have had no problems. I want a kick only bike. The mag should run the bike just fine. Cant check the stator til it runs. Might hook it up to a car batt to get it all hammered out. Fawk wiring. Its a love/hate thing for me.

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