Saturday, August 14, 2010

New addition to the Family

Picked up a CB500 twin roller with a basket case engine. Its 99 percent all there. I was going to use it for parts for the Bastardo (rear wheel, trip trees, disc brake) but its all together and Ive seen what can be done with them. Im leaning hard towards a hardtail attack chopper that Bird so inspiringly touts. Check out Attack Choppers and be forever transformed if you havent already. Yes, I know its not a Harley, yes, I know its not extremely powerful, yes, I know its a Japanese bike. I like what I like and thats that. For now, Im going to make it a runner first and finish up El Bastardo before I have too much madness going on in my tiny garage.

Some assembly required......naturally.


  1. CB 500's are a great bike. got mine done.

  2. Volks, I must say, that CB turned out TITS! Thats pretty much what I want, a bike to thrash and put lots and lots of miles on.

    Tex, believe me I considered it, they look great cafe'd, but Ive been itching to build a hardtail for quite a while now.