Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I swear these guys have a mind reading machine with a direct line to my grape.

Needs tires, bmx stem, and bmx bars. Good to go. Light as a feather.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some detail shots of the frame Im painting for my mountain/bmx hybrid bike. Should be fully dried and assembled by tomorrow night. Then I can get back to building stuff thats powered by gasoline instead of some drunk asshole.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Im back

Well I never left but I had to do some automotive side work to pay the bills. Now that the Jeep is back in action.. well mostly, it has a dead miss in cyl #3 at idle but smooths out above idle. Checked plugs, wires, cap, rotor, swapped these components for know good ones. Nothing. Its not detrimental, but it sure is annoying. It does have more power and about 90k less miles than the old 2.5 banger. Or wheezer rather. The weber makes a nice bit of pep. Overall, minus a few little things, Im pretty happy with my jalopy 4x4. NOW I can get back to the bikes.

The TY175 pissed me off. Wont shift. Took the cover off to see if I could adjust the shift mechanism but it still wont click into gears normally. It will go into a gear (dunno which) and halfway to another and thats it. Ill come back to it later.

El Bastardo needs: a seatpan, seat, custom rear sprocket, and a chain to start with. Need to make a call to get a rear sprocket made that will take #50 chain to match the Honda motor. After that: wiring, turn signals, brake light, keyswitch box, front fork w/ hydraulic disc brake and reservoir, new front wheel, tires/tubes, and an inspection for registration. Whew.

And like I need one more friggin' project, Im converting Rock Hopper mountain bike to single speed. Ive been building a BMX style fork for it over the past few days.

Took a wee kids bike fork and extended it to fit a 26" wheel. Im going for something like the bike in the last pic. Back to work.