Sunday, October 24, 2010


So an old 79 Honda Accord found its way back into my driveway recently. Once found a few years back, brought back to life with a top-end rebuild and a new carb, now thrashed and in need of resurrection once again. This car is the equivalent of the TLR200 bike. It will start, get you there surely and safely. It wont do it fast, it wont make 12 foot rooster tails or even chirp the tires. But, they both have some sort of charm to them that makes the rider/driver fall in love with them and miss it as soon as you sell it and will make you buy them back if the opportunity ever arises. Got lucky I guess. A new radiator and a CV axle and this pup is ready to begin it's 3rd out of nine lives. I wish someone would do a nasty engine swap on one of these. I think it could put some old VW Golfs, Datsun Honeybees, and 510's to shame.

(The car in the pics isn't mine. Got the pics off the web. But same body style and shallow-reef-water blue. In case you cared. You dont.)

"The Fang"

One wicked CB500t. Supercharged drag bike. Site:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Had to modify the foot pegs to get them forward a little bit. Plus they fold for tighter storage. That's important when it takes you a metric ton of months to finish a 6 month project.