Thursday, December 3, 2009

First Impressions

It's a real snotter. The wiring harness is mostly gone. It seems a dog had its way with the front fender. No one liked it enough to bring it in from the wrath of the desert sun. Rust rust rust. But, it did have the redeeming quality of smooth piston action and a satisfying foop-foop-foop-foop-foop when kicked.


When buying it I remarked about the gas capless tank and the guy just kind of shrugged. Guess Im going to have to figure out how to clean that mess up. I dont really want to have to change a fuel filter every 30 seconds.

Cool headlight though. Im tempted to save it for another project since after all this is going to be a full on trials machine and such amenities only become bothersome extra weight.

Chewed off wires, an iron oxide infected chain, and one stuck-ass, seized-on, son-of-a-bitch-ass magneto to get off. Finally after breaking an AutoZone rental pulley puller, it slid off to reveal calcium and lime deposits on the electrics inside. The points were fused together and the condenser was eff'd. This leads me to believe they left this thing to be drowned by sprinklers. Nice.

Sweet! An autolube pump. Errr now a new paperweight. Apparently when you roll on the throttle, the pump produces more oil to be injected into the intake charge. Beautiful design but, I think I'll stick with the premix to keep it simple. Dont even want to know what the little seals and o-rings look like in that thing.

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