Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Heep Jalopokee

The jeep didn't want to stay running today, or the past 2 weeks for that matter, because of an air leak underneath the carburetor.

Look at that nest of wiring and vacuum hoses. When I get around to rebuilding the weakling AMC 150 I think I'll take the opportunity to do away with most of the computer controlled feedback carburetion system and put in a properly jetted carter yf sans electronics. The right size catalytic converter and some tuning should keep it within emissions standards. This thing is kind of a roach. I wouldn't be bothered to take the sawzall to it and make a trail rig out of it. Perhaps a future project. For now, I'll stick to the drive, repair, drive a little farther, repair again routine.

Well here is why it's sucking air. The four little screws holding the carb to the base plate are loose. ( I loosened the 9/16" nut.) The carb was rocking out harder than Beavis and Butthead.

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