Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yam 175 Trials

So I picked this little gem up for a few measly bits not too long ago. It's a Yamaha TY 175 2-stroke trials bike. I used to have a neighbor, older fellow in his late 70's who would ride these little trial and enduro bikes damn near every weekend. Tough old bird, this guy. I'm feeling I should pay him a visit soon. Anyway this guy got me pretty interested in owning a motorcycle. He had a little Honda TLR200 Reflex that was light, very underpowered, but a blast to ride. Plus the little gutless wonder could chug itself up the gnarliest of terrain and not even bat an eye. So, I'd wander over to this guys garage and he and his son would play these old videos of trials competitions and the bikes they've built and bam I was hooked like Whitney on crack. Plus it didn't help that my buddy bought a Yammy TW200 and was less one riding partner. 12-Hundy and a tlr 200 later I was on the trails. Point being these little bikes got me into it and now I'm apeshits crazy. So, feeling kind of disillusioned about my trade of my 'Zuki GS 450 for a busted assed 4 cyl Cherokee, I decided to pick up a rust bucket bike to clean up. And so, here we go...

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